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You have found your next frame set, through us, a bike fitting company or a test event? Great. Its time to plan the components around it to get the most out of it.


What drive train, disc or rim brakes, wheels, tubeless, tire size, saddle, pedals, handlebar,.... there are a ton of options.


After discussing what you want from this bike we can offer you a quote for any possible bike built to keep an eye on the costs and if we agree, your truly unique bicycle can soon be picked up in our store.

Our dealer network is as broad as it could be so we can cater to the most special wishes.



Finding a frame

The absolute best would be to consult a bike fitter to pick a frame. Often frames are sized very roughly and a 54cm frame of one brand can be very different to a 54cm of another.

We do understand that not everybody has a budget of 4000 Euro to spend 300 Euro on a bike fit.

We can provide suggestions and and compare geometry data to find a good fit for you.

Also test events are common where you could test at least different models of the same brand.

The concept

we have given your new bike already a direction by choosing a frame. Lets find out what exactly you want from it and fine tune it by choosing the right components.

we are doing this process because bike brands often offer 3 versions of the same frame with different quality level components. But maybe there are parts where we want to go top level and other components which can be upgraded over time or even parts from your old bike can still be used. You have absolute freedom here to choose and we will give advise what can be combined or makes sense.

The build

This one you will have to leave to us. Sit back relax and if you have questions or something comes up don't hesitate to contact us.

Last adjustments and pick up

The bike is ready! If we have the data from the bike fitter you can jump now on your bike and enjoy it.

If the bike fitting was not in the budget we take our time to fit saddle position, bar height, brake orientation and positioning, brake point, cleat positioning in your shoes and if you don't have your own saddle you can try our Saddle Program from Fizik and Prologo.

Off you go on your new bike! Its on you now to ride it!

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