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About us

The world of cycling is big. It’s difficult to keep track of the industry developments and that is why we can give you a hand with our professional knowledge in the fields of performance bicycles.


Steel Rides is a bike workshop located in Rotterdam center, specialized in REPAIRS, SERVICE, ACCESSORIES, PARTS and RESTORING/BUILDING bikes from the 70’s till now.


We are working on: performance race bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, travel bikes, vintage bikes, etc.


We are not working on: Electric bikes, city bikes and bakfietsen.



Our passion comes from riding bicycles. Both our mechanics are always looking for the best solution for you as a cyclist. We can give solid advice on materials, frame geometry and size, selection of components and groupsets, etc. If you don't feel comfortable on your bike yet, there will be time to find the missing link between you and your cycle. It’s important for us to connect you to the joy of cycling. The same joy we are feeling since many years. 


Our shop is open to anyone. We would not look at you in a snobbish way because you are not riding the latest Campagnolo group. As we say, the world of cycling is big and gives everybody access to a little bit of freedom. Let’s keep this precious product real.


We are looking forward to welcome you in our little place in the heart of Rotterdam, 2 minutes away from Rotterdam Central station.

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