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Hello friends in Rotterdam and surroundings please take a minute and read this post. Maybe we can help a little. It seems like the environment for asylum seekers and refugees in Europe has become really cold. Anti European parties are on their way forward everywhere. I dont like this and I thought of something where I could help a little...

I am a bike mechanic and I feel like for refugees who made the long and dangerous journey to the Netherlands it would be nice to be able to have the most clever way of transportation: a BICYCLE.

I already spoke to Vluchtelingenwerk and they are hap

py with the offer.

I would like to fix up city bikes and then give them to people who are in need.


How you can help? 

If you have a bike in the basement that still rides ok but is not needed anymore you can bring it to my shop. I will check it and fix it to a state where it is safe and comfortable to ride. I guess that locks are also important. Please dont bring bikes which are trash.

So if we could work together on that it would be lovely. I provide the time and know-how and you, the bikes.

Feel free to share this and if you want to get in contact with me you can do so via email: hello@steelrides.nl or via phone 06 44 32 89 18.