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A wheel is traditionally built from 4 components it starts with the hub in the center, spokes, nipples and the rim.

Over the years brands have developed different systems how to combine these which leaves rides often helpless with spare parts, tools and know-how.

To build a wheel that suits the rider, terrain, bicycle and usage is not a simple task.

At Steel Rides, we take our time to select the suiting components to fully hand builD a wheel to your needs.

Wheel lacing:                      50 Euro

Truing and dishing:           45 Euro/h

(please note that for a wheel built lacing + truing and dishing will be charged because different types of systems can take longer or shorter time)



  • lacing                                                                    50      Euro

  • hub                   DT Swiss 350 Disc 28h                  140     Euro

  • spokes              Sapim CX-Ray                                60     Euro

  • nipples             Sapim Alu 14mm                             included

  • rim                    Easton R90 SL Road                      150    Euro

  • rim tape            Schwalbe 16mm                               4    Euro

  • Truing & dishing                                                  22,5    Euro

TOTAL                                                                    291,5   Euro

We also perform service and repairs on all major brands (Mavic, Fulcrum, Campa, Zipp, DT Swiss, Crankbrothers,...)

If your rim is done or you are stepping up your gear game, no problem we can replace components.

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