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We have a great passion for restoring and converting older race (and race-ish) bikes, usually from the late 70s, 80s and 90s.  fff


Every bike is a small journey, we start by stripping the old bike to its frame, taking apart headset, bottom bracket and wheel hubs. All bikes get new sealed bearings bottom bracket, pedals, tires, chain, cassette, brake pads, brake / gear cables and bar tape. Wheels and headset are serviced if the quality and state of the components allows it, they get replaced otherwise. Any other part not in good shape will be replaced as well, such as brake calipers, brake levers, chainrings, derailleurs, seat, seat post, stem, bars, etc.

Process for Restoration

The hunt

Every restoration starts with a bike that is worth restoring. There can be different motives to start this process. The bike can be a piece of history because, a great athlete was working this machine, someone developed new technologies to manufacture certain parts, not many were built, it is simply a great bike or it means something to you out of personal reasons.

We have a good network to find these gems and do restorations to be soled in our shop.

If you have one at home or think about getting one we can restore it to your needs.

The Strip

The bike is in the work stand. We start by measuring the frame for alignment to see if cold setting is necessary to realign steel frames. The frame gets stripped from all the parts and checked for damage after cleaning.

Depending on the wishes of the customer we can give the frame to a spray paint specialist to restore also the paint.

Service and restoration

Depending on how original the restoration should be, we start the real work now. every part of the bike is being taken apart and cleaned. Bearings get replaced, chain rings renewed, parts re chromed, missing parts replaced or new parts added. It really depends on the state of the bicycle.

Most restoration projects in our shop are being ridden on regular bases so we approach these kind of bikes from a more functional view. Bearing technologies for example have developed a lot from the 80's so changing parts like these need to be sacrificed in term of originality. A museum piece will be treated differently of course.


All components of the bike are ready to become a well oiled machine/union again.

Every restored bike that leaves our workshop rides like a new bike. The drivetrain is always restored to a perfect state, tires are new and wheels will transmit power from your legs on the road like new ones. (Because they are new or serviced to a level which is equal)

With fresh bar tape and a final polish it is ready to hit the streets again.

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